Cape Fear BBQ & Chicken Established in 1999 however, the EXPERIENCE began in 1977 when I was 12 years old. It was at the hands of my wonderful parents, Junius & Maggie Moore who opened a restaurant on Highway 301 in Smithfield, NC. My dad had the Town Motel at this time and he built a small building in front which they named Smithfield BBQ. I remember when it was being built, skating around all the pipes and construction with much excitement and anticipation. The doors finally opened and life changed forever. The good ole’days of family, friends & community when life seemed very simple. As for myself, I worked in the restaurant throughout high school and yes, complained the entire time. I remember sitting in the kitchen with my dad, hand peeling fresh potatoes for potato salad, what a memory! So, we fast forward, my dad passed away in 1982, I was fifteen years old . My mother, Maggie Moore, continued to operate the original Smithfield BBQ & a second location in Clayton for a number of years. As for me, I received a four year degree & returned to the ‘restaurant world’. Cape Fear BBQ & Chicken’s first location was opened in Fayetteville, NC in 1999 by myself, June Moore Massengill & my 3 wonderful children Maggie, Morgan & Matthew. I used my parents concept of cooking fresh BBQ pork everyday & strive to serve good home cooked items such as our personal recipe of Brunswick Stew, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw and much more. I have added a few various personal touches to create our own CAPE FEAR BBQ atmosphere & style which sets us apart & makes us unique & personal to our customers & communities in which we are very proud to be a part of. In 2004, we opened our second location in Clinton, NC & 2010 our third location in Elizabethtown, NC. The success is built upon the loyalty of our customers and great staff who continue to support us year after year. At Cape Fear BBQ & Chicken our motto is: “It’s like eating at home” so stop by & visit, enjoy our fresh food & let us clean up the mess!