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We want to tell you all about Antioch Baptist Church and how God is working through His people to reach this community and the world with the Gospel! Since the formation and organization of Antioch Baptist Church in the year 1817, God has richly blessed the people and community with growth and prosperity. Located in a rural setting, 4 miles from the city of Lumberton, Antioch Baptist Church is affiliated with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, the Robeson Baptist Association, and Southern Baptist Convention. The opening of the Antioch Christian Academy, future plans for Upward Sports Ministry, and new Fellowship Facilities.

That heritage, based on the Lordship of Christ, encompasses every area of life as we strive to practically and boldly proclaim Christ to the world around us in our reaching, teaching, and outreach ministries.

I was a nine year old boy attending a Southern Baptist Church in California when a faithful Sunday School teacher led me to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. From that time God has used my Christian parents and the people of God in Eller Memorial, Sharpe Road, and Buchanan Baptist Church to shape my life and help me to mature as a Christian.

Antioch Baptist Church is a baptist church located in Lumberton, NC.

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